Puppy pad

Short Description:

Soft Non-woven Fabric+Soft Tissue Paper+Fluff Pulp and SAP+Soft Tissue Paper+PE film+Adhesive Strip(optional)

1. The puppy training pad is placed face down on the ground

2. Pet excretion uneasy reaction occurs, it immediately led to the puppy training pad

3. If the pet defecates outside the pet’s urine pad, severely scold it, and clean the ground to ensure that no residual odor

4. If the pet is skilled in defecation in the pet pad, please give reward

Product Detail

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Product parameters

Size mm/pcs Weight g/pcs SAP g/pcs pcs/bulk package
450*600 30 1.5 60
600*600 42 2 60
600*900 53 3 60

OEM your size per your request


lead time

For 20FT container,it will take about 15 days;
For 40FTcontainer,it will take about 25days;
For OEM, it is around 30-40 days.

Protuct Details

Soft Non-woven Fabric

PE film

1. Answers Heavy Absorbency Needs With A Non-Polymer Construction While Maintaining Patient Comfort
2. Provides A Moderate Level Of Absorbency With A Non-Polymer Fluff Core
3. Spunbond Nonwoven Topsheet Allows Fluid To Pass Through Quickly Into The Fluff Core
4. Diamond-Embossed Pattern For Pad Stability And Utilization
5. Strong Waterproof Polyethylene Backsheet Protects Against Leakage



1. The Puppy Training Pad Is Placed Face Down On The Ground

2. Pet Excretion Uneasy Reaction Occurs, It Immediately Led To The Puppy Training Pad

3. If The Pet Defecates Outside The Pet’s Urine Pad, Severely Scold It, And Clean The Ground To Ensure That No Residual Odor

4. If The Pet Is Skilled In Defecation In The Pet Pad, Please Give Reward

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